O malom znanju FRP Tenka

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23 Sep 2022

O malom znanju FRP Tenka

FRP tank is a non -metallic composite material tank entangled by resin and glass fibers through micro -computers. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high intensity, long service life, flexible design, and strong craftsmanship.

Because the characteristics of glass tanks determine that the glass reinforcement can is widely used in chemical, environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing and other industries, and gradually replaced most of the market fields of carbon steel and stainless steel.

FRP cans can be divided into: vertical storage tank, hydrochloric acid storage tank,horizontal storage tank, transport tank, sulfate storage tank, fermentation tank, chemical storage tank, anticorrosive storage tank, glass fiber fiber stirring tank, nitric acid storage tank, gas storage tank, etc. Essence

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